Friday, October 31, 2008

friends, bros(you know who you are), brothers and some ppl I know

Well.., you saw the title so you know what i'm gonna write about..., had nthn to do so I guess I'll just describe or write about these few ppl but it won't be
too detailed.. maybe some of my memories too. I'll not go to much on looks
Brothers-1st bro.., likes to go out wif friends, heard he's trying to flirt, well, gl on that
the 2nd eldest bro.., err greedy? nah, a bit childish and does some dumb sh*t sometimes but he's alright, a bit funny
...well the 3rd one sometimes annoy me and my younger bro but I can't really get annoyed so i don't really care, he's an idiot in studies and wants to be a singer..,
wonder if he can succeed, and lastly my younger bro, also like to go out but mostly the cyber cafe.., sux doesn't it, but anyway, he wants the be the badminton world champion.., all i can say is gl
Kee En- Some short guy(mini-person.. but he's growing).., he's damn talkative but that's kinda a good thing, good at basketball and studies and has a
lot of moles on his face
Richard- always bring his towel cuz he sweats a lot doing little things for example, his hand will sweat if he holds the pencil for like 5 minutes
Christopher(cccb.., jk)- used to be in sayfol and sux at studies but now he's doing quite ok in Tanarata
Kar Yan(calls him kaya/kaya pao)- when he joined Sayfol, he used to talk to me all the time during BM class.. he even asked me how to... "that thing"
and I remember that he told me that he was in love with his neighbour but she's married and one time he told me his dream.., it's about Patricia..
I guess i won't mention it publicly. Now, he's just some some skinny tulang/bone guy, always act like some dumbass, heard he's always with Ben
Adrian- rich ass.., has a durian head, acts like an idiot too.. sometimes. Priscilla's his gf so better watch out, currently competing with Ryan Wee in
studies and he'd get crazy if he beat him in one question.., childish isn't it. He's an anime geek so his room is probably full of toys or anime toys.. same thing
Ryan Wong- heheh.., this guy, king of pink jokes, always shows off his "muscle" but that's a good thing cuz what else can you do with your muscles
other than defending yourself.. he acts as the good boy
Menkin/Wanking/Mankind(don't really know how to spell it, i call him Ragan)- some white-japanese guy, tall around my height, always with Ryan Wong
and he's good at ping pong/table tennis, heard from Emanuella that he's too goofy
Ryan Wee- The one who studies til the end of time... jk.., i'm sure that not what he does, actually it is...
Brandon Soh- The other one who studies, ok nvm, he has many white hairs... like my cousin, but my cousin is worst, he has white, black, grey, gold, green,
red and black hair... what a retard
Ramprakash- some kind of robot, when he does a dance step, it's like he's doing some robot dance, his speed is always fixed and the same rate..
I feel sad for this guy but he's good... at memorizing
Steven Low(Chow/Long)- always sing when he feels awkward, most of the songs he sing are by Teresa Teng, some real pro at singing old chinese songs..,
I do agree with the gorilla thing that he was known for at his old school, but when he laughs, that's a different thing
Boon Jin- known him from primary 5, he was my 1st friend in sayfol, heheh, still remember when I first met him in class and he made my damn pissed so I stood
and punched his head 3 times but the teacher didn't care.., and that was probably the start of our friendship..:P, weird isn't it. He kept on
buying me stuffs like food and drinks and I told him that I'll 'belanja' him the next year... well he was expelled
from school because he whacked some guy and i nvr got the chance to 'belanja' him, he's still the same old type of gangster-ish guy
Ali Abdikarim- from Somalia-ARK, that's a joke me, Richard and the others made cuz he called the chinese Chinese-ma.., kinda lame though.
There's one more, Kristin's joke was that when the night stikes, you can only see 2 eyeballs and teeth and after he eats a chocolate, you know what
you'll see, lmao.., well Ali was a great friend. Before he left Sayfol, he sweared at Mrs. Jain, wonder if that's a good thing.
Ali(the fat one)- haha, he gains weight every holiday, so sad, i remember when I used to make fun of his fats like draw a face on your belly or some
sh*t.., Boon Jin always bullied this guy
Manraj(a.k.a horseface)- known this guy from yr8, kept on talking bout those.. you know, and made me laugh like hell but he stopped, guess he
matured a bit. Ever since he became my friend, he kept on tagging along with me until it became a habit, but i tell you 1 thing,
he's big talk small cock - you should know what it means.
Raymond- quite tall, used to have ok looks but now his face turned a bit girly, he was the one who gave Manraj the title "horseface"
You can see this guy in facebook.
Leonard- this guy is also skinny, he gets obsessed with anime and always comes to me and punch me or do some sh*t, well it doesn't hurt anyway.
He says that he shouldn't have been born so I guess he's living a sad life now
Brandon Goh- also used to be in Sayfol, how I became friends with him is somewhat similar to Boon Jin. During P.E lesson, he kept on pushing me or doing
sh*t to my back so I turned around and bashed him up on the face, he fell to the ground and after that incident, he didn't do those sh*t anymore.
I used to make joke with him like wearing a girl/woman as his/my clothes, and he made the stupid joke "Princess Ohh(!)", i was laughing til my abs hurt
and during class, he fell down but his back was stuck to the chair and when his legs touched the table, it fell the opposite side, that was really funny..
Akbar- damn funny guy, you should know him, he's an Eminem wannabe but I wonder if he is still now.
Emanuel Darkwah- his football skills aren't that bad, when he talks, 70% air comes out and 30% is his voice, kinda hard to hear what he's saying.
His handwriting is terrible but he scores good grades
Zau Ming- left(or maybe expelled) Sayfol to join Fairview. He was easily angered and always slapped faces, I remember during P.E when he slapped
my face and I was gonna bash him up but those damn ppl stopped me which was idiotic and Mrs. Manisha came and talk to me bout some sh*t
then told me to do 50 pushups, pointless... well and one time he pushed me in class and ran to the other end then I took a chair and threw it at him..
heheh, kinda funny if you think about it then Mr. Dev came, well nothing much happpened then
Sayem- he said that when I first joined school, he thought that I was a retard, but look who's the retard now, hahaha, it's funny,
he says that he thought I was cuz I was tall but my height is kinda normal.., look at his, LOL, what a joke, I call him
midget(all the time)/godmother(now very seldom)
Joshua- he tries to act cool but I think he's too nerdy to be cool, i think he's still trying..
Yestoor- i gave him the name 'Husky Ninja', it was suppose to mean big and meaty and cuz of the way he chased Raj or whoever the guy is, the word "Ninja"
came in. His face looks funny, like an idiot.. Funny guy
Bilal- talks so weird, acts so weird and everything.., well he's rich so who cares
Gowtham- don't really know this guy, don't even know whether I spelt his name right. It reminds me of Gotham City from Batman, guess his parents
really likes Batman
Kieran- another durian head, he's white mixed malaysian, I think he joined at pr6/yr7, not sure and his rise to fame was because he was talkative or
his father used to be a teacher
Indaraj(i think i spelt it right)- looks so Iraq.., but he's malaysian, some rich ass, he started tagging along with Manraj so if Manraj comes to
me, he'll also be there
Kristin(y)- she's small..(also another mini-person), ppl says that she's cute but I think she's just a devil in disguise, she uses her so-called "cuteness" to make
others help her do things.. evil. She has big eyes like Chris Tucker's(you should know this famous actor) and fat/chubby cheeks.
She says that i'm so anime-ish..pfft..ok, I'll take that as a compliment, and she also tells/try to make me smile but i'm not used to smiling.. Like the Genting trip(which sucked - full of cockroaches) when she wants me to smile for her phone picture but I nvr did, I only laughed during the group picture which makes me look like i'm smiling. She's always smiling, I guess that's a good thing
Isabella- a good girl.., gets good grades, Richard calls Xueni, Nidhi K and her the "genui-asses"
Nidhi K- the other "genui-ass", also a good girl
Xueni- also the "genui-ass", Kee En, Chris, Richard and Kar Yan used to make fun of her when we were in 9S but Kar Yan was in 9Y.
Emanuela Darkwah- Emanuel's twin sister(or so i think), likes reading a lot, and when she reads to the class, her body starts swaying around.
65% is air and 35% is her real voice so it's a bit better than her bro.
Shakira- She used to be a tomboy, went and punched Ibrahim and some other ppl when we all were in pr5/6, I used to make jokes with her and lauged like
crazy during BM class but after I got to yr7, that all ended, heard she likes Richard but i think she stopped
Yuri Fukuzato- a friend eventhough I don't talk to her much, she always with Patricia and Angeline.. heard she wants to be a singer so gl i guess
Patricia- also a friend, i remember(this was in the art room) when Mrs Parames(the thin one) told me to sit nxt to her and the other girls because I was
talking..(i think) then Patricia told me to put to book on the table, they won't eat me(the girls) but I didn't cuz there was no space.., well that's all I can remember.
She's always with Yuri and Angeline and I nvr know/have a clue of what their always talking about
Angeline Song- she called my name when I was walking to the BM class and says that she remembers me from Chung Kwok(which was my old school, left
when I was pr4) but I didn't have a clue who she was then but now I can remember a bit.., when I checked my last school's class picture at home,
I couldn't see myself D:, I think I was absent on the day the class photo was taken, how sad.., anyways, she's looks quite..... ok, but kinda short -->(still growing).
I don't talk to her much cuz i'm not good at talking, maybe to ppl i'm familiar with then it's alright.. many dumb incident happened and I don't really
wanna remember it but it's the type that can't be forgotten.., come to think of it, it's kinda funny.
Denise(pronounciation-The niece)- always with Mable, they looks so secretive when they talks about some things isolated at one area
Mable- heheh, Ibrahim used to like her during prim.5/6(i think), nvr heard of any good news so i guess he got rejected. Always with Denise til today.
Well can't really think of anymore..., oh yea,
Lastly me- well I don't know much aout myself, Manraj and Indaraj keeps on following me so it makes me look like the leader but I'm not, there's no leader. I like exploring and going to places where there are less ppl.., at least that's what I think.. ahh yes, about the scar on the face..., many ppl asks me why I have it, when I was a kid, I fell down from the table trying to reach for the milk bottle(I heard this from my mom). I used to hear me friends calling me a cat or a mouse but that was before, the strange thing is that I can't remember the past well, probably bad memory

I guess the rest will be for you(the reader) to describe me although I don't think you'll reach all the way down here and maybe some won't even read it, lol. You can either comment on this blog or anything and i'm sure the word weird will appear most of the time.

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